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Offering excellent insulation properties, our high-profile collection of ThermoShade Timber Shutters in Sydney are natural, admired and inherently efficient!

These spectacular Timber Shutters in Sydney are made from sustainably sourced hardwood timber and 100% of the timber species. ThermoShade Shutters in Sydney (Timber Shutters) are now highly prized by homeowners, designers and decorators alike and create immediate aesthetic impact and transform living spaces significantly. Available in painted, stained and customised options, ThermoShade Shutters in Sydney from the Vision Blinds and Shutter Collection is the bespoke shutter range for Australian living and a quality selection for all styles of home.


Why Timber?

If it’s 100% timber, it’s 100% organic and renewable. Timber shutters found in Sydney are recyclable, biodegradable and require less energy to be produced than other inorganic materials. Hardwoods naturally ensure durability for lasting impact and endure far longer than synthetic counterparts. They are also less likely to collect allergens, which can be trapped in artificial substances.


Why Choose ThermoShade Shutters in Sydney?

Quite simply, not all timber shutters are created equal. Thermo Shade shutters are true hardwood timber shutters made from 100% of the same timber species. Many other shutters sold as ‘basswood shutters’ are Laminated Veneer Lumber – a thin Basswood veneer (approximately 30%) around laminated strips of other timbers. High-profile ensures 100% confidence in the composition of your hardwood timber shutters.



• 64mm, 89mm, 114mm elliptical louvre sizes
• Special light block louvres and traditional flat louvres
• Traditional centre, side, or euro tilt rods Beautiful frame options


Manufacturer’s Warranty:

15 years structural

Our team of experts are ready to help you make the right choice of window furnishings from our extensive selection of Thermoshade Shutters in Sydney. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to bring our mobile showroom so that you’ll have access to samples of all designs and we’ll be able to assess your space in order to help you make the right choice!
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