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Roman Blinds are a spectacular addition to your home!

At Vision Blinds and Shutters, you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing and we will do it right!

Finding Roman Blinds in Sydney is not a hard task, but finding premium quality Roman Blinds in Sydney, that don’t scream boring, is a whole other story!

Our Team of experts at Vision Blinds and Shutters have made it our mission to make a wide selection of styles and finishes of Roman Blinds easily accessible to those with varying budgets!

What’s so spectacular about Roman Blinds in Sydney?

  • A wide range of styles, fabrics and finishes to select from
  • A wide range of operating systems including manual cord or chain operation

Featuring one of the most eclectic collections of Roman Blinds in Sydney, we offer two very different styles to suit your home, one of which is the Tailored Roman Blind, which are carefully crafted in a traditional manner with sewn lines and provide your decor with a sleek and timeless appearance.

Stop wasting time and get in touch with our team of experts today!

Let us arrange a design consultant to visit you at your convenience and help you make an informed decision on the best choice of blinds for your home or office from our beautiful collection of Roman Blinds in Sydney!


What is a Roman Blind?

A roman blind is an elegant piece aesthetic solution for dressing windows that hang straight and even when it is down. Soft pleats are formed in a roman blind when it is raised. They are powered using a set of vertical cords and are typically made of high-quality curtain fabric customized to scale. Roman blinds Sydney have been used for decades, unlike more modern-day counterparts such as vertical and roller blinds. A Roman blind is an envelope constructed from a flat piece of cloth and a covering. To build a sealed pocket or envelope, the lining is tightly bound to the cloth on both sides. Many with different budgets can easily use Roman blinds!

Do Roman blinds look better in the recess?

Outside the recess, Roman blinds will be the best fit, since they are able to allow more light into the room. However, having roman blinds outside the recess and inside the recess has its benefits and drawbacks. The benefits of having Roman blinds Sydney inside the recess are as follows; provides a clean and tidy finish and If it's wooden, the blind will be attached to the real window frame itself. But the disadvantages of having the roman blinds inside the recess are the blind that could limit the amount of light coming through the window while rolling up or drawing back. Further complications may cause if the size of the window is smaller. In terms of appearance having the roman blinds inside the recess will give a better picturesque look due to the spick and span appearance.

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