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Why are Roller Shutters in Sydney so popular?

A popular choice for many, Roller Shutters in Sydney, are favoured primarily for being highly versatile window coverings that not only look stylish, but offer many cost savings and advantages to the homeowner.

What are the benefits of opting for roller shutters?

Huge choice of colours and profiles

With a fantastic range of colours and profiles to choose from, you can create the perfect look for any home, from modern through to traditional, with Vision Blinds and Shutters curated range of Roller Shutters in Sydney. Our collection of colours is matched with the Colorbond range, so our Roller Shutters blend seamlessly into most décors and can be customised to create a truly unique look depending on your distinct requirement.

Reduction in heating & cooling costs

Built from tough and lightweight aluminium with a dense PU fam core, another reason that Roller Shutters in Sydney are so popular is for its superior insulating properties. Offering up to a 90% reduction in thermal transfer, Roller Shutters keep the cold out and the heat in during winter, and prevent heat build-up during the summer. Research has shown that installing Roller Shutters in Sydney can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs.

Noise Reduction

With a thick insulating PU foam core, Roller Shutters are highly effective at reducing exterior noise from traffic, airports and schools, having been found to reduce noise transfer by up to 50%.

Protection from the elements

UV stabilised to retain their colour, our curved profile and dense foam core provides optimum strength across each slat to provide a strong protective barrier to both the window and window frame. Strong and durable, our Roller Shutters are able to withstand strong winds and protect against hail and impact damage during severe storms.

Improved security

With windows being one of the easiest points of entry for a burglar, Roller Shutters provide a strong physical barrier to entry and add an extra layer of security, privacy and act as a deterrent for thieves.

Operating Options

Our extensive range of Roller Shutters in Sydney come with a number of different control options, from manual to automatic.

Battery Powered Systems

With advances in Lithium batteries, our battery powered units are a cost-effective way of motorising Roller Shutters. Battery units are wall mounted with a push button (switch) controller and the option to add a hand-held remote control.

Automatic Operation

Motorised Roller Shutters in Sydney come in two main options - hardwired or battery powered systems.

Hardwired Systems

Hardwired systems require a main connection for power. Mains connected systems have a hardwired wall mounted operating system which can be push button (switch), remote control or key operated.

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Do roller shutters reduce heat?

Roller shutters in Sydney are ideal for absorbing the light of the sun and reducing the heat inside your house dramatically. If you have roller shutters during hotter seasons, they'll be your best mate. Constructed from hard and lightweight aluminium with a thick PU fam heart, its superior insulating properties are another reason why roller shutters are extremely recognized in Sydney. Offering a decrease of up to 90% in thermal transition roller shutters, holding the cold out and the sun in during the winter avoiding heat retention during the season. According to a research conducted, it was stated that that roller shutter installation will save up to 30 percent on the cost of heating and cooling.

How secure are roller shutters?

Roller shutters Sydney are as secure as the window to which they are mounted which is why it is well renowned. Foremost a reduction in the cost of heating & cooling by installing roller shutters can be obtained. Roller shutters are particularly efficient at reducing external noise from cars, airports and schools with a dense insulating PU foam core and have been shown to minimize noise transport by up to 50 percent. Most importantly, Roller shutters offer a solid physical barrier to entry and provide an added layer of protection, secrecy and intimidation for criminals, with windows being one of the simplest entry points for a burglar.

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