PolyTherm PVC Shutters


10 years warranty



Looking for PolyTherm Shutters in Sydney?

At Vision Blinds and Shutters, we have a carefully curated collection featuring only the best PolyTherm PVC Shutters in Sydney!

PolyTherm in Sydney are extremely beneficial for buyers with lower budgets, who are still looking to add some visual appeal that matches the rest of their existing home décor.

Why PolyTherm Shutters in Sydney?

  • It is a cost-effective entry-level shutter using PVC as an alternative to timber
  • Retains the timeless look and feel of shutters
  • Manufactured in the same factory as our high-profile ranges, PolyTherm Shutters in Sydney are also finished in quality 2-pack paint.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

10 years structural

Get in touch with our team of experts, who are ready to answer all your questions and assist you with picking the best PolyTherm Shutters in Sydney for your unique needs!


What are PolyTherm PVC Shutters?

If you have a preference for shutters over other types of window treatments, then you will no doubt like PolyTherm Shutters in Sydney, which are an entry level shutter that is very cost effective, and ideal for those on a low budget. While timber shutters can be expensive, you can get PolyTherm PVC Shutters in Sydney at only a fraction of that cost, but still retain their timeless style and charm, able to transform any home. These type of shutters are ideal for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc as they are highly resistant to moisture, and cleaning and maintaining them is a breeze.

What is the difference between PolyTherm PVC Shutters and traditional shutters?

Shutters are usually made from wood (timber) or its low cost alternative, PVC. While wooden shutters are considered to be more durable than other materials, it does have its downside in terms of moisture, which can warp or damage wood. PolyTherm PVC Shutters in Sydney homes are moisture resistant and hence are ideal for wet areas. PVC is considered to have a higher resistance level to fire as well. Another major difference between traditional timber shutters and PolyTherm Shutters is the cost. In Sydney, PolyTherm Shutters are available at very low cost, and are ideal for those on a low budget, yet looking for something stylish and elegant.

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