HiPERLITE Shutters


10 years warranty



HiPERLITE Shutters in Sydney are the future of plantation shutters!

At Vision Blinds & Shutters we have the best quality HiPERLITE Shutters in Sydney ready for commercial or domestic installations! Combining ingenuity, innovation and style, these spectacular HiPERLITE Shutters available in Sydney now are made from aluminium, and have proven to be one of the most durable shutters in the industry.

Why you need HiPERLITE Shutters in Sydney

  • They offer the widest single panel expanse of any interior shutter - maximising both light and ensuring you will always have an unobstructed view
  • Clean Modern Lines and matte powder coat ensures that it has all the benefits of a premium shutter
  • Very low cost
  • Available in six popular colours, with the ability to experiment with custom colours to create your ideal interior theme
  • Endless creative opportunities
  • Extremely durable

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

  • 15 years structural
  • 10 years powder coat

With HiPERLITE Shutters in Sydney you just can’t go wrong!
Through our mobile showroom, you don’t need to come to us, we will come to you! So, get in touch with us today, to schedule a no-obligation design consultation at your convenience!


Are HiPERLITE Shutters worth the money?

For those looking for plantation shutters from the future, they now have the option of buying HiPERLITE Shutters in Sydney. HiPERLITE Shutters are made from Aluminium, and are thus highly durable, and are ideal for both homes and commercial spaces. They offer clean lines, and minimalist design, yet exudes style and chic elegance in a room at only a fraction of the cost. These interior shutters offer the best control of light and privacy, while at the same time providing you with an unobstructed view. In Sydney, HiPERLITE Shutters are available in six popular colours, which can be used to enhance any space.

Are HiPERLITE Shutters better?

HiPERLITE Shutters in Sydney are made of Aluminium, an ingenious and innovative design, yet still retaining the style and chic elegance of Plantation Shutters. Made from Aluminium means that these shutters are far more durable than the traditional timber or PVC shutters, which themselves last a very long time. These shutters are great for any space, whether commercial or domestic, and offers great control of light, while you still have that wonderful view from your windows. An additional advantage is that they are less costly, and still enhances the value of a home. The many advantages offered by this very futuristic design in HiPERLITE Shutters makes it a very popular option for home and business owners in Sydney.

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