ClimaFuse Shutters


12 years warranty



Brightening up one Living Room at a time!

ClimaFuse is a unique, relatively new shutter, exclusive to Vision Blinds & Shutters, which incorporates a solid poplar timber frame with PVC blades.

ClimaFuse Shutters in Sydney are composed with the clever fusing of natural and synthetic elements to provide a lighter option than other regular shutters that are completely made with PVC composition. This innovative hybrid shutter is finished in quality 2-pack paint.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

12 years structural

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What are ClimaFuse Shutters?

An innovative and futuristic new entrant into the world of window treatments, ClimaFuse Shutters are a hybrid shutter, combining both natural and artificial materials to make one great product. ClimaFuse Shutters come with a 100% Poplar wood frame, combined with PVC blades (louvres), making the shutter much lighter in weight, yet effective in every way and highly durable. These shutters provide the same great control of light and privacy, as well as insulating the room during hot summers and cold winters, and is ideal for any window type. You can only find ClimaFuse Shutters in Sydney with Vision Blinds & Shutters.

Do ClimaFuse Shutters keep heat out?

If you are thinking of buying ClimaFuse Shutters and are wondering if they have the same effective insulation capabilities as other shutters, then the answer is yes. These types of shutters seal tightly against the window frame, and when they are kept closed, it prevents the cool air circulating within the room from escaping out, and prevents the hot air from outside coming into the room. It works in the same way during the cold winter months as well. Using ClimaFuse Shutters in Sydney based homes is a great way to save on your energy bills, as they are a very energy efficient window treatment.

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