Alu-Gard® 2.0


10 years warranty

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Shopping for Alu-Gard Security Doors & Windows in Sydney?

Alu-Gard Security Doors & Windows is the all-Aluminium security screening solution suitable for Australian conditions.

What is Alu-Gard 2.0?

Alu-Gard 2.0 is a perforated aluminium sheet retained in an extruded aluminium frame.

Alu-Gard 2.0, the ultimate design in Alu-Gard Security Doors & Windows in Sydney, not only provides security, clarity of vision and strength, but it is also corrosion resistant and is aesthetically pleasing too!

Key Features

Why Choose Alu-Gard Security Doors & Windows ?

  • Tested and passed Australian Standards
  • Choice of retention systems
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Part of a wide range of security and screening solutions

Tested Performance


Australian Standard AS5041 – 2003 Methods of Test – Security Screen Doors and Window Grilles

Dynamic Impact Test

Jemmy Test

Knife Shear Test

Child Fall Prevention

Australian Standard AS5203 – 2016 Protection of Openable Windows/Fall Prevention – Test Sequence & Compliance Method

Resist 250N Outward Force


2mm hole diameter meets bushfire requirements up to BAL-29

BAL-29 Compliant

Fire Attenuation

Australian Standard AS1530.4-2014 Appendix B7

Achieves a fire attenuation rating of up to 56% at 40kW/m2 incident energy

Technical Specifications

Material Grade

5005 H34



Hole Diameter



Dulux Black Matt

% Open Area



What is Alu-Gard Security Doors & Windows?

Alu-Gard is a perforated sheet of aluminium or a grille of aluminium held in an extruded aluminium frame and physically attached to it. The ultimate style of Alu-Gard Security Doors & Windows Sydney, Alu-Gard 2.0, not only offers security, vision visibility and strength, but it is also corrosion resistant and esthetically attractive! The key features of Alu guard security doors and windows in Sydney are as follows; the Australian standards are complied, tested and accepted. Choice of programs for retention. Part of the wide variety of options for surveillance and screening. Most importantly the Alu-Guard security doors and windows in Sydney is manufactured in Australia.

Why do houses have Alu-Gard Security doors?

The topmost priority of every household is protection and security. Aluminium is a substance that is lightweight and extremely robust that has defense from standard attempts at robbery. In addition, they have stronger welds to provide protection against pre-emptive and targeted attacks which is why many households install Alu-Gard Security Doors & Windows Sydney. Perhaps one of the most robust security items today is alu-guard security doors. Many homeowners do not associate energy efficiency with security doors made from aluminium. Many homeowners do not associate energy efficiency with security doors made from aluminium. You'd have to turn on the air conditioning unit to make yourself warm. Bear in mind that large quantities of energy can be absorbed by air conditioners. You will then have to contend with skyrocketing rates for power. You can open your main entrance door, let fresh air in and still protect your home by leaving your Alu- Guard security door locked. You will reduce the use of air conditioning and save a lot of money on your energy bills with sufficient ventilation inside your house.

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